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Italian Soups
Soup Recipes
Soup: Say the name and a steaming bowl comes to mind. However, when the warm season approaches, not many are in the mood for a sweaty session in front soup recipe. But I want to reassure everyone that most of Italian soups are as good boiling hot as they are lukewarm.

Beans Soup or Pasta Fasul? “Pasta Fasul” is the name many Americans of Italian heritage call "Pasta e Fagioli" or Bean Soup.  The dish is very popular in every region of Italy and there are infinite variations of Bean soup (pasta fasul) as almost every area of Italy has a different way of making it.

Barley Soup is popular all over the mountainous Friuli and Trentino regions, Barley Soup is prepared in many different ways, and sometimes includes potatoes. Our recipe adds a small quantity of olive oil not found in the original preparation.

Italian Cauliflower Soup is thick and chunky. I prefer green cauliflower because of the more intense flavor. Simple to make, can be prepared in advance and served hot or lukewarm.

Italian soups are not smooth but chunky and most of the time contain pasta. In soup recipes in Italy there is no cream or other ingredients that could tone down the flavor, on the contrary everything in them tend to enhance the taste of the main ingredient that is predominant. Most of soup recipes are simple to make, can be prepared in advance and served either hot or lukewarm. Listed here are some of the most traditional Italian Soup Recipes.

“. . . inde domum me ad porri et ciceris refero  laganique  catinum,” [I was given a bowl of leeks and chickpea lasagna at my house], was reciting the Roman poet Orace (Satire).

Chickpea Soup, flavored with garlic and rosemary is not the same recipe Orace was enjoyingis but for sure Chickpea Soup is one of the oldest recipes in Roman cooking.

Potato Soup: Say the name and a steaming bowl comes to mind. However, most of Italian soups including this delicious chunky Potato Soup are as good boiling hot as they are lukewarm. Enjoy!

Stracciatella is a classic of Roman cuisine and it is a memorable dish. If you judge “gourmet” food by the list of ingredients, Stracciatella (Egg Drop Soup) will appear rudimental. In reality, even though it is an extraordinarily simple dish, it will surprise you with its elegance and its amazing combination of flavors.

Most Italian soups are prepared with the addition of pasta. Lentil soup is no exception. Hearty and delicious, lentil soup is best appreciated in the winter. Dark brown lentils or black lentils are best for this soup.

‘Risi e Bisi’ in the Venetian dialect, translates into ‘Rice and Peas’. Green Peas have been cultivated on the hills and fields of Veneto for centuries. This ancient dish from the Serenissima (most serene) Republic of Venice was ritually offered to the doge, the ruler of the city, on the day celebrating Saint Mark.

Minestra Maritata literally translates as “Married Soup,” and it is called “Italian Wedding Soup” on many Internet sites, and even in some cookbooks. The soup is made by combining together a very strong meat broth with vegetables. All the ingredients “si sposano,” they blend or “marry” well together, hence the name “Minestra Maritata.”

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Italian Soups

Soup recipes article and History - How Italian soups are done region by region

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Pea Soup
Minestra di Piselli