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Dear Mrs. Volpi . . .
Dear Mrs. Volpi. I have to say that of all the recipe or food info sites I have seen, yours is by far the best. It is very interesting, informative and beautifully illustrated and outlined. Kudos to you. I much enjoy browsing through your various pages and getting information that I didn't know. Being raised by Friulani here, first generation, I thought I had heard it all. But the information i have found on your site is wonderful. I never knew rice was grown in italy!  i just want to say thank you from one chef to another.
Buon Apetito. Sincerely O. Sanita.
Thank you so much for this website.  My grandmother was Italian.  But since she passed, so are the links to my Italian heritage.  I am a flight attendant and go to Rome as often as I can.  Nothing can give me back what I lost, but I can still enjoy my heritage through good food and learning more about Italy.  thank you for helping me achieve this. Karen

Hi! I just came across your delightful recipes and articles while I was searching for the history of polenta to share with family and children during holiday meals.I was thrilled to see some long forgotten recipes.I will return soon and I hope to tell my Italian Mom and daughter and niece about your great web site. Diane

Dear Mrs. Volpi, Your recipes tug at my heart. I spent a few hours reading your site, studying the recipes and enjoyed it so much. Thank you for posting the recipes, the step-by-step photos are useful. Sincerely, Deborah F.

Hi Anna Maria, I tried your classic tiramisu recipe for a retirement party at work.  It was a hit!  Even the calorie conscious threw in the towel for the day!  I really appreciate the step by step photos too.  It made it all the easier.  I used Port in place of Marsala wine and it was delicious. Monica

We prepared a double batch of your Tiramisu for our 15-guest New Years Eve party. It was the first time I did this, and I have to say, it was the best tiramisu we have ever tasted. Thank you so much for a wonderful recipe and for your clear, easy to follow instructions! A.

I LOVE this web site, thankyou so much.
My husband is Italian, his mother, taught me so much about Italian cooking and your web site reminds me of
her. Thanks again, Mandy

I browsed your recipes and technique, and it is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you, it makes cooking much simple and you see what the recipe photo is and technique help a great way of doing it step by step right! Just love it. Thank you. Terry

I'm a CIA trained chef, working in catering and I'm always looking for good food sites with authentic recipes and good technique. I was very pleased to have access to your expertise. Thanks for all your efforts to create flavorful, real food. I'm looking forward to your newsletter.  
Best regards, Julia S.

Dear Anna, I am glad to find this website, this is the first time I browse the website, and this website makes me feel very warm and sweet, I like cooking too, but not good at it, but I hope I can learn more from you, Best Wishes! Chris

Hello, Anna. I attended today's class. Thank you for wonderful time today. Your pasta salad, risotto and also tart were soooo delicious! And I saw your website, too, and found lots of recipes which I got to make someday. Emi

Thank you so much for this site. I married an Italian man and did not get the recipes before the passing of his Mom. You have many things he likes.  Thank you so much!!!!!! Janice

Dear Anna Maria: My wife and I enjoy coocking, and hope have with you and especial and delicious oportunity traying new recipes. Thank you.

Dear Ms Volpi, I love your website :- ) Keep up the good work! Regards, Shammah