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Pola is a food blogger from Italy, transplanted to the cold Midwestern plains.
After years of calling mom to check on cooking times and temperatures of family Italian recipes and promptly forgetting them, she started writing them down in her blog: An Italian cooking in the Midwest. In the process, she is hoping to help new friends discover how to cook simple and authentic Italian food.

She is originally from Bergamo, a beautiful town close to the mountains and 30 miles North east from Milan. She has prepared for us a couple of typical recipe from her town.
Guest Cook from Bergamo, Italy


Bergamo territory is equally divided between the mountains and the plains. Both these territories are not particularly fertile and don’t grow much, so historically Bergamo has been a rather poor area. Although now Bergamo belongs to the richest area of Italy, the typical cooking still reflects the historical poverty of the region.

The staple food for families used to be polenta, until around World War II polenta was eaten every day and was often the only food available for poorer families. Together with polenta the typical meal included milk, baccala’ (salted cod), and on occasion pork meat and anything that could be hunted in the area (mainly birds and rabbits or hares).

La Cucina Bergamasca - The Cooking of Bergamo

As the rest of Italy, Bergamo has its own typical products: Casoncei, Salame Bergamasco, Taleggio and Moscato di Scanzo.

Casoncei are ravioli stuffed with meat and dressed with butter, sage and pancetta that used to be eaten during festivities.

Salame bergamasco is the typical cured meat of the area. It made of roughly grinded pork meat and fat and is cured only for a short period of time (as opposed to other salami, like Genoa, that are finely grinded and cured longer).

Taleggio is the typical chees. It is a fatty, raw cheese, which sadly can rarely be found outside of the area of Bergamo as most of the exported Taleggio is cooked.

Moscato di Scanzo is the wine typical from the hills around Bergamo. It is a sweet dessert wine and is only produced in extremely small quantities.