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The Cuisine of Lombardia


The territory of Lombardy extends from the fertile river-Po valley, north to the great Maggiore and Como lakes, to the Alpi mountains with their spectacular landscapes, making Lombardy a very diverse region. The area is dominated by the presence of Milan, one of the largest and richest metropolis in Italy.

The cooking of the region however is as diverse as it can be. In a culinary way Lombardy, because of the influence of history and geography, is the region of rice instead of pasta, polenta instead of bread, and butter instead of oil, and in general of slow cooking techniques such as braising, boiling and stewing.

At the same time there is no unified cuisine in the region. The southern provinces are influenced by the neighboring Emilia, on the east we have predominance of  Venetian style cooking, and to the North and the lakes the cooking style is more influenced by the geography than ever.

Typical of Lombardy some celebrated dishes such Risotto with Saffron, Ossobuco, Cotoletta alla Milanese, Tortelli di Zucca, Vitello Tonnato and the Panettone that became an Italian Christmas tradition, just to mention a few. Among the remarkable products of Lombardy the Bresaola (seasoned beef), the mostarda from cremona (sweet and sour jams), the exceptional variety of cheeses like the Grana Padano, Gorgonzola blue cheese, Mascarpone, and many more.


The Cooking of Milan and Lombardia Region

Veal Cutlet “Milanese”

Cotoletta alla Milanese

veal tonne vitello tonnato xx01

Veal in Tuna Sauce

Vitello Tonnato


stuffed panettone xx01

Stuffed Panettone

Panettone farcito

The Cooking of Bergamo
by PolaM