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Sicilian Cannoli
Cannoli Siciliani
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To make cannoli, you need the metal tubes sold for this purpose. Pieces of cane can also be used, approximately 3/4 inch in diameter and 6 inches long (2 cm in diameter, 15 cm long).
preparing the cannoli shells
cannoli sicilian new01
cannoli sicilian new02 cannoli sicilian new03
cannoli sicilian new04
Shape the dough in a ball, place it on a dish, cover it with plastic wrap, and set it aside for about 1 hour.
cannoli sicilian new05 cannoli sicilian new06
Transfer the dough to a lightly floured work surface again and cut it into 3 pieces.
cannoli sicilian new07
Pass each piece through the pasta machine, starting with the widest number. Repeat the step until number 5 on the dial is reached and thin smooth pasta sheets are obtained. Keep the pasta dough and sheets covered with plastic wrap at all times while working to prevent the dough from drying out too much.
cannoli sicilian new08
Cut the dough into 4 x 4 inch (10 x 10 cm) squares.
cannoli sicilian new09
Lightly butter the metal tubes.
cannoli sicilian new10
Wrap the squares around the tubes or cane diagonally. Don't press the dough against the tubes too much. Otherwise it will be difficult to remove them afterward.
cannoli sicilian new11
Wet the overlapping part with the egg white and press on the edges to stick them together.
cannoli sicilian new12
Bring the oil to frying temperature in a saucepan. Fry the cannoli a few at a time until golden brown.
cannoli sicilian new13
Remove them from the pan and briefly transfer them onto paper towels on a large plate to drain the excess oil.
cannoli sicilian new14
cannoli sicilian new15
filling the cannoli
cannoli sicilian new16 cannoli sicilian new17
cannoli sicilian new18

Cannoli derive their name from “canna” (cane or reed) because of their tubular shape, and because in the past, before the introduction of the metal tubes, they were shaped around a reed section. They represent the Sicilian dessert par excellence.

Typically part of the festivities for carnival (mardi gras), cannoli were sent in the past by the dozen as a present to friends. They are now available all year round in pastry shops all around Italy and wherever Sicilians have settled. Cannoli are among the most magnificent Sicilian pastries. The fried wafers are traditionally filled with ricotta cheese sweetened with powdered sugar, with the addition of candied fruit, pistachios, and chocolate chips.

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