Start by pounding the meat slices as thin as possible. To do that place the slices on a cutting board and then cover them with plastic wrap. Pound them with a skillet or a meat pounder until very thin
On the right a pounded slice on the left  a slice yet to be pounded
Cut the pounded slices into two pieces
Cover the slice with pancetta and Cheese
And sage (whole leaves would be better, but I found none at my grocery store)
Roll the meat up and put the rolls alternated with the pancetta sticks and sage leaves (if you have them) on two skewers
Sear the rolls in a pan where you had warmed a bit of oil
When they are seared on one side, flip them
Add salt and pepper on both sides
Add a splash of dry white wine
Cover for 5 to 10 minutes
When the meat is almost ready, uncover and let the sauce reduce
Serve hot with polenta, roasted potatoes or your favorite side


4 thin cut pork loin slices

8-12 slices pancetta

3-4 slices pancetta

8 slices fontina cheese (or other similar mildly flavored cheese)

8 leaves sage

¼ cup white wine