Ugly but good Cookies
Brutti ma buoni
Start by roughly chopping the hazelnuts in a blender

Then mix the sugar, a pinch of salt and the egg white in a pot and beat it with a hand blender until stiff. If you have troubles
Add the hazelnuts and mix them in using a wooden spoon

Turn on the stove and keep mixing

When the egg withes mixture comes off the wall and the bottom of the pan turn the heat off

Using two teaspoons spoon the mixture on an oven dish covered in parchment paper. Create irregularly shaped mounds the size of a walnut.

Place in the oven at 320F for about 30 minutes (you will smell toasted hazelnuts when they are ready)

Serve cold as a treat with tea or with icream


(for about 15-20 pieces):

1 egg white

½ cup sugar

¾ cup hazelnuts

Pinch salt