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Is the Atkins Diet Safe?
by Adam Waxler
The Atkins diet is a weight loss diet based on the principle that the body burns both carbohydrates and fat for calories.
Therefore, according to the Atkins diet, if you reduce the amounts of carbohydrates in your diet, you will burn more fat and you will experience more weight loss.

According to the Atkins diet, calories are not the main focus. The key to losing weight with the Atkins diet is lowering your carbohydrate intake. By restricting your intake of carbohydrates you will encourage your body to turn to fat for energy and therefore your body will be burning fat instead of carbohydrates.

The Atkins diet has provoked a significant amount of controversy since it was first published. The recommendation to eat a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet went against the dietary recommendations of many established medical institutions. The Atkins diet was denounced as unsafe, particularly if used as a life-long weight loss plan. Over the past five to ten years, there have been numerous studies that come down on both sides of determining if the Atkins diet is safe. The last version of the Atkins diet included the admission that calories do matter, and the advice to 'eat only enough to satisfy hunger'.

The eating plan recommended by the Atkins diet contains very low portions of carbohydrates, deriving the majority of carbohydrates from vegetables high in fiber and low in carbs, and unrestricted portions of proteins, including high fat proteins like beef, pork and cheese.

Follow up research on people who have used the Atkins Diet to lose weight show a fast initial weight loss that eventually levels off. The Atkins Diet has four phases:

Phase 1 of the Atkins Diet: The Induction Phase, which restricts carbohydrates severely.

Phase 2 of the Atkins Diet: The OWL (Ongoing Weight Loss) Phase, in which you add in limited carbs and tailor the eating plan to your tastes.

Phase 3 of the Atkins Diet: Pre-maintenance, with ten pounds or less to the target goal, deliberately slows weight loss to begin adjusting the body to after-weight-loss diet.

Phase 4 of the Atkins Diet: Lifetime Maintenance, a long-term eating plan that emphasizes a low carbohydrate diet and healthy, long-term eating.

Despite the reassurances that you can "eat all you want and still lose weight", it is important to pay attention to the portions recommended in the menus and eating plans at www.atkins.com.

So who should use the Atkins Diet? Is the Atkins diet safe?

While the Atkins Diet seems on the surface to be directly counter to what is recommended by most medical institutions, many of the principles are actually the same. Unless you are
under the care of a physician for a chronic medical condition like diabetes, high blood pressure, or coronary problems, you can use the Atkins Diet.

Article: Copyright 2006 Adam Waxler

About the author:
Adam Waxler publishes the Weight-Loss-Power-Package...a collection of six weight loss ebooks guaranteed to help you lose weight. For more information on the Atkins Diet check out the complete package here:
and check out his blog for free weight loss tips here: