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Five Steps to
Start Losing Weight Today!
by Adam Waxler
Aren't you tired of hearing yourself say the same old excuses year after year? Now that the New Year has begun, you no longer have any more weight loss excuses... simply start losing weight today with this simple five step weight loss plan.
Aren't you tired of hearing yourself say the same old excuses year after year?

Now that the New Year has begun, you no longer have any more weight loss excuses...simply start losing weight today with this simple five step weight loss plan.

First step towards weight loss...activate.

The most important ingredient in your weight loss plan is exercise. If you think exercise is a dirty word, it's time to change. Starting today, resolve to activate your life in every way possible. Leave the car keys behind and walk to the corner
store. Race yourself to get your housework done in ten minutes less time (because the more vigorous your movement, the more calories you burn). Get off the elevator one floor early and walk up the stairs. Every extra active thing you do will burn calories - and the more calories you burn, the more likely you'll reach your weight loss goal.

When you're ready to really activate, get a physical workout that is designed with your own interests in mind. Join a gym, take up a sport, or take an extra long walk during sunset. But just make sure your exercise plan revolves around your own interests.

Second step towards weight loss...motivate.

Grab a pen and notebook and start writing down all the reasons you should lose weight. Don't stop till you get to ten, at the very least. Here are some suggestions:  
1. I'll be healthier - losing 10 pounds can decrease your risk of heart disease, diabetes and a host of other weight-related illnesses. 2. I'll save money. Super-size costs more. 3. I'll be able to keep up with my kids. It takes energy to keep up with kids, and extra weight saps your energy. Lose ten pounds and see how much better you feel. 4. I'll get back into my favorite jeans. 5. I'll look better.

Third step towards weight loss...keep track of what you eat.

Once you have your ten reasons to lose weight, don't stop writing. Keep that pen and notebook with you all day and write down every single thing you put into your mouth. You'll be surprised at all the 'unexpected' calories you catch yourself
eating. The last two french fries on your son's plate. The two bites of chicken you tasted to make sure of the seasoning. The 'just one bite' of your friends ice cream cone. The handful of potato chips you snagged from the bowl on your way by. Write down every single bite, even if just for a few days, to make yourself aware of all the food that you didn't even realize you were eating.

Fourth step towards weight loss... educate.

Educate yourself about healthy diets and weight loss plans, and find a diet that you believe you can live with for the rest of your life. It's the only way that you'll lose weight and keep it off permanently.

Fifth step towards weight loss... salivate.

If you think that diet food is boring, find a good low-fat cookbook and start re-educating your taste-buds. Healthy, low-fat, low-carb cooking is delicious - prove it to yourself.

Remember, don't fall back into your bad habits. Stick with your New Year's resolution and start losing weight today with these five simple steps towards weight loss.

About the author:

Arnel Ricafranca is the President and Founder of Fitness VIP. He does numerous fitness talks about weight loss at a local corporation. He is available for seminars, fitness training, and online training. Visit his website to claim your fitness gift ($50 real value)

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